NimH 8,4V 3000Ah Hump 7 Zellen

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Experience all the performance that's been engineered into your Traxxas models! Our new Power... mehr
Produktinformationen "NimH 8,4V 3000Ah Hump 7 Zellen"
Experience all the performance that's been engineered into your Traxxas models! Our new Power Cell batteries deliver unmatched speed, acceleration and power in all Traxxas cars and trucks—boats too.

Traxxas Power Cell Battery Packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and Traxxas' high-output, gold plated, high-current connectors. Precision assembly with attractive, individually wrapped cells and clear overwrap complete the package.

Power Cell batteries are available in standard, 6-cell "flat" configuration as well as 7-cell flat and "hump"-style packs. The 7-cell pack offers 15% more voltage to give your model maximum acceleration and speed—depending on your model, top speed can increase by as much as 10mph simply by installing a 7-cell pack, no other modifications required! The 7-cell hump pack fits in all Traxxas models except E-Maxx®, Summit and E-Revo®, which require a flat pack configuration.

Experience faster acceleration, faster top speeds, and Traxxas quality and support with the only batteries engineered for your Traxxas model.
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